Mạch nạp STC, Chuyển đổi USB-TTL

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1. The downloader supports all series of STC programming for 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers and BSL programming for MSP430 microcontrollers (only with MspFet software).

2. The highest baud rate 115200 perfect support! Don't worry about burning STC12 series, STC11 series, STC15 series!

3. It is not necessary to power off and power on the microcontroller frequently, that is, the programmer downloads automatically without cold start. This function makes the STC SCM download program very convenient. Experienced friends all know that the STC SCM needs to be manually closed before downloading. The action of turning off the power and then turning on the power will become very painful when debugging the program. The simmering recorder will do this tedious thing for you!

4. Support 3.3V and 5.0V version of the STC microcontroller burning, the downloader integrates a 3.3V power management chip, 3.3 external power supply current up to 500MA, no need to worry about the 3.3V power supply!

5. The most troublesome STC12, STC15, STC11 series burn success rate of 100%, and the highest baud rate to 115200 burn! Throw away your PL-2303HX solution! Burn the pains of these three series you know... Don't say you have FT232, aristocratic chip crash? We actually contrasted, Bibi burn speed! The above three series of FT232 are also unmatched by the baud rate up to 115200! CP2102 is still going to die! Do not bother to mention it again! The programmer uses the CH340+ microcontroller to control the core to kill the STC full-series high-speed programming.

6.500MA self-recovery fuse, perfect to protect your delicate computer motherboard! Don't lose big! The misfortune of Amoy's friend who was burned by the USB port, he knows it, and you have to understand... Don't let yourself regret it...

7, metal aluminum protection burner motherboard! Since then is not afraid of metal objects on the desktop short circuit your recorder! Use with confidence, not afraid of falling and not afraid of pressure! The most important thing is the two words - grade (laser laser oh)

8. The interface is printed on the shell definition, do not have to worry about not knowing the definition of the interface! To read the instructions, ah, there is on the shell!

9. A variety of colors are available, generally random delivery, if you need to choose a color friend please check with the shopkeeper to confirm whether the color you want is available!

10. Support WIN7 system, compatible with all the following systems, support 64-bit system

STC programming requires only four pins (example: STC89C52 microcontroller):

Connect 5V0 to VCC TXD to P3.0 RXD to P3.1 GND to GND

With status indicator, it will flash when there is data transmission, and it will be on when there is no data transmission.

The programmer also supports a variety of occasions that require USB-TTL serial signals, such as serial communication, HyperTerminal serial debugging tools, and other similar microcontroller download programs, brush hard disk or set-top box, MSP430 microcontroller burning, etc., but this type Use the technical support service that is not prompted for the time being, please explore it by yourself.

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